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Picture Of My Band Lix I have been interested in music since I can remember. I grew up playing the guitar and I was about 10 yrs old when I learned that all those chords I had "invented" were already known. Someone had even named them. The Nerve! I didn't let that destroy my dreams of becoming a "rock star" and I eventually found my way into the San Francisco Bay Area music scene. After fooling around in different groups I finally fronted a band named LIX. That's me singing and playing the custom 1954 Fender Telecaster in the picture. The drummer in the picture went on to play drums for the band Vicious Rumors. If you like true "Heavy Metal" music, then click on the link, get on the Vicious Rumors forum and tell Larry (the MONSTER on drums) that Karl from "LIX" sent ya!

LIX played the San Francisco bay area for a couple of years. I was the lead vocalist and rythym guitarist. I wrote a lot of the material and my partner and I still have the copyrights. (Someday I might even try to sell some music, who knows!) We never really made money, but MAN...did we ever have a good time! I do have a nice photo-album and a scrapbook of newspaper clippings, some flyers, a few video's, and even some BASS tickets. But nothing compares to my memories of being on stage and having a large group of people respond positively to music you have written and performed a gazzillion times.... in front of no one but your washer and dryer in the garage!

The reason I wanted to create this website, was to celebrate the great bands and music of that time, which have always been such a huge part of my life. Especially since my favorite bands and music, have almost totally disappeared. (MTV totally sucks now!) I miss that powerful crunching guitar, that big drum sound, that driving bass, all wrapped up with those great melodic vocals. I want that kind of great music back!

When I play my Washburn accoustic guitar for my kids, they call it Rock N' Roll. But when I drag out one of my Fender electric guitars and plug it in to my 200 watt Peavey stack, the kids call it BIG Rock N' Roll!

This is my contribution to keeping "Big Rock N' Roll"....ALIVE!

Spinning Clef Man Playing Guitar

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